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Bogie Appeal for D1013 surpasses £28k!

3rd June 2023

Following a recent, very generous donation, the WLA's Bogie Appeal for D1013's bogie overhaul has now surpassed £28k! Although the WLA were unable to progress the NLHF route, plans are being progressed to undertake an overhaul, similar to the one carried out on D1062, plus a bit more.

Engineering Co-ordinator, Darren Shelmerdine, has outlined his initial thoughts on carrying out this essential work:

  • Remove each Bogie in turn but have most if not all the parts ready to change.
  • Change all the Equalising Beams.
  • Change the Primary Springs.
  • Replace Spring Hangers for the Beams.
  • Change all the Torque Reaction Rubbers and High Tensile Bolts.
  • Change all the Spacing Tubes.
  • Check all the Torque Reaction Arms and Trunnions.
  • Replace all the Brake Cylinder Seals.
  • Consider replacing Secondary Suspension Leaf Springs and possibly the Coil Springs.
  • Replace a broken stud on one of the Final Drives.
  • Change the Cardan Shafts using the ones in stock.
  • Give each Bogie a thorough clean and paint as required.

Quoatations for the above work will be sought over the next few weeks. A big thank you for everyone who has contributed so far! Our target for this work is £30k but even if we achieve this, we can always spend more...!

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