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20th February 2023
WLA Business Plan updated

The WLA has just updated its Business Plan for 2023 to 2025. The latest version (2.1) includes an updated Executive Summary, SWOT Analysis, latest sales figures, projections & Key Financial […]

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15th February 2023
NHLF Expression of Interest (EOI) form submitted

The WLA has just submitted an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) form to the NHLF for the D1013 Bogie Overhaul Project. The funding amount was within the £250k to £5m category […]

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11th February 2023
Preheater Successfully Tested

On Saturday, 11 February 2023, a fully rebuilt preheater unit was successfully tested at the WLA's Bridgnorth Workshop facilities. The preheater was originally from "B" end of D1013 and is […]

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26th January 2023
D1013 bogie project - meeting held with SDR

An excellent meeting was held with the South Devon Railway Engineering Ltd to help clarify further costings required for D1013's bogie overhaul project (subject to NHLF funding). Items included: Costings […]

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23rd January 2023
Brake gauges for D1013 & D1062 to be sent away for calibration and refurbishment!

Following advice and recommendation from our Maintenance & Standards Engineer (Robin Jones) all brake gauges will shortly be removed from both locomotives and sent away to an approved contractor. The […]

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18th November 2022
D1013 celebrated in Modern Locomotives Illustrated!

Editor Colin J Marsden has helped D1013 Western Ranger celebrate its 60th Birthday this year with a full feature article and front page photo in the December issue of Modern […]

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