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D1013 "B" end repaint complete

25th September 2022

In an effort to make D1013 presentable at the SVR's Autumn Diesel Gala event and as part of the celebrations for D1013's 60th Birthday in December 2022, D1013 is having a bit of a makeover! Already, the locomotive has had its bogies and pipework repainted, including the battery box doors and valences. Both ends have now received a coat of yellow warning paint although "B" end has had the buffer beam and buffers painted too. Elsewhere, the locomotive has received bodywork attention and has been cleaned and polished in many areas. Still plently of work in progress...!

NB One or two members have questioned why D1013 is still being painted blue when the membership voted for maroon. To help clear up any misunderstanding the locomotive will be painted maroon when the person who is going to do all the hard work is available - there’s a huge amount of preparation work to do for it to go in maroon if we want the job done properly! What’s been done is a quick makeover to make the loco look presentable whilst the remainder of the overhaul takes place, so at least it looks cared for whilst celebrating its 60th birthday and on display at the Diesel Gala. The WLA has a substantial budget available for D1013’s repaint and the current work has been done in days rather than months, at no cost to the Association. The paintwork will also help protect the loco when stored out in the open, as our place under cover isn’t guaranteed - we’ve just done the best that we can to make the loco look great again, within the time available. So whether you prefer green, maroon or any other colour, just enjoy it in blue whilst you can…!

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