Western Locomotive Association

Other Preserved Westerns

As well as seven Westerns, there are more than 250 former British Railways diesel locomotives preserved in Great Britain. Details and links here for the other groups who own and operate Westerns and other diesel hydraulic locomotives. Also for the Fifty Fund, based on the SVR, and two groups who own diesel electrics with a connection to the SVR.

Photo: D1015 Western Champion in Kidderminster TMD nearing completion of a repaint into BR blue. (Jacky Duncan)

Diesel Traction Group


Have four locomotives based on the SVR, three diesel hydraulics and one diesel electric (the Class 17)

D821 GREYHOUND - Class 42 Warship

D1015 WESTERN CHAMPION - Class 52 Western

D7029 - Class 35 Hymek

D8568 - Class 17 Clayton 

Photo: D1010 WESTERN CAMPAIGNER at Stogumber on 23rd July 2017. (Mark Ireland)

The Diesel & Electric Preservation Group


Have eight locomotives based on the West Somerset Railway, five of which are diesel hydraulics and three diesel electrics.

D1010 WESTERN CAMPAIGNER - Class 52 Western

D1661 NORTH STAR - class 47

D6566 and D6575 - Class 33

D7017 and D7018 - Class 35 Hymek

D9518 and D9526 - Class 14 "Teddy Bears"

Photo: D1041 on shed at Castlecroft, June 1996 (Nigel Caldicott)

East Lancashire Railway Diesel Group


There are no less than twenty one ex British Railways main line diesel locomotives based on the East Lancashire Railway, including five diesel hydraulics.

D832 ONSLAUGHT Class 43 Warship

D1041 WESTERN PRINCE - Class 52 Western

D7076 - Class 35 Hymek

D9502 and D9531 - Class 14 "Teddy Bears"

The diesel electrics cover a wide range including two unique, last of class survivors, the Metropolitan Vickers Class 28 Co-Bo and the British Thompson-Houston Class 15.

Midland Railway Diesel Group


D1048 WESTERN LADY is preserved at the Midland Railway Butterley in the care of the Midland Railway Diesel Group who together with a more than twenty main line diesel electric locomotives.

National Railway Museum


D1023 WESTERN FUSILIER is preserved at the National Railway Museum in York

Photo: 50035 crossing Oldbury Viaduct with a service for Kidderminster.
14th September 2016. (Ian Murray)

The Fifty Fund


Now have no less than six Class 50's based on the SVR including two which regularly work on Network Rail.

50007 - HERCULES

50031 - HOOD

50033 - GLORIOUS

50035 - ARK ROYAL

50044 - EXETER

50049 - DEFIANCE

Photo: 40106 running under the signal gantry at Kidderminster SVR

Class Forty Preservation Society


Based on the East Lancashire Railway the CFPS own three English Electric class 40 diesel electric locomotives, one of each headcode variant.

40106 ATLANTIC CONVEYOR - based on the SVR

40135 - at Bury on the ELR

40145 - main line registered and currently at LSL Crewe

Photo: 55019 at Didcot Railway Centre by Jim 

Deltic Preservation Society


Based at Barrow Hill the DPS owns three English Electric class 55 "Deltic" diesel electric locomotives which regularly work on Network Rail. There is usually one of the DPS locos at SVR Diesel Galas. 


D9015 - TULYAR


Western Locomotive Association 50 Years

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